Software Development

Software Development

NY IT Solutions US, Inc. (NYITS) software development process is supported by an efficient quality management system, innovative development, and delivery methodology. NYITS has a mature complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) application development methodology, from business case analysis to delivery and support of the application. NYITS provides clients with highly skilled teams and world-class infrastructure. We ensure the quality and reliability of the products we build for you.

NYITS has expertise in Software platforms, Operating Systems and Hardware such as HP, IBM, Sun, Dell, Unix, Sun Solaris, Linux, and Windows NT, Windows Server, Software Programming, Web Development, .Net Technologies, Java/J2EE Applications, Database Designing/Architecture/Development & Administration - Oracle/SQL Server/Informix/DB2/Sybase, Embedded applications, Data Warehouse/ETL/BI, Project/Program Management, Mobile Apps (Android/iOS), Business/Financial/System Analysts, Big Data/Cloud/ Hadoop, Salesforce/ServiceNow, Quality Testing (QA), Microsoft Dynamics Solutions (Dynamics CRM/365 Online, SharePoint), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-Oracle/PeopleSoft/SAP, Middleware Technologies, Network/System Administration and a myriad others.


AdvoLogix Implementation

An innovative cloud based end to end legal case management solution. It is highly secured and designed to support legal firms to manage all their cases, contacts, calendars, time tracking, documents, research, billing and etc. This will help the Law firms & Legal Departments to follow the standard workflows and Legal Practice Standards.

AdvoLogix Features:
  • Legal Matter Management, Document Management, Events & Calendar Management
  • Time Tracking & Schedule Management, Alerts & Reminders
  • Clients & Contacts Management, Communication Management, Resource Management
  • Automation, Case Templates, Checklist Generation
  • Task Management, Workload Management
  • Invoice & Billing with Multi Currency Support
  • Reporting & Dashboard, Expense tracking
  • Search Functionality, Gmail and Outlook integration.

How we help Law firms:
  • Setup Matter Management for various Matter types
  • Document Management
  • Participants Management
  • Time Management
  • Mobility
  • Activity & Planner
  • Decision Making

  • Lawyers/Attorneys able to check all the Matter details in one place
  • They can be set a strong communication with their clients on Time and Every Time whenever their clients need their assistance
  • Lawyers/Attorneys can increase profitability of similar matters using Legal Case Management solution
  • They can manage their support staff in a systematic manner to utilize their productivity in best utilized way
  • Lawyers/Attorneys can share the prompt and accurate invoice to clients as per their efforts on Matter
  • System generated alerts and notification can be sent to staff to respond on important dates and events
  • A End to End Document management allows to manage all the matter related document in a single place with data security and allow to share only with the connected people.
  • Make possible to manage complete expense on Matter
  • Can Manage and distribute their work using Workload Management feature

Website Development

We provide complete services for Website Development including; Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Web Development, e-commerce, SEO Services, CMS (Content Management System), Responsiveness, Logo Designing etc; using latest tools & technologies.

With our experience, we have developed packaged solutions for our customers to quickly choose one. Our Service Packages include:


Web Application Development

We specialize in developing applications and software for enterprises based on their business needs on latest technology stack(s). Irrespective to the business doming, we provide complete application development services across variety of platforms while using cloud, mobile, and responsive web technologies. We offer full spectrum of software development services, which are scalable, secured, and user friendly.

With our experience, we have developed packaged solutions for our customers to quickly choose one. Our Service Packages include:

Modernization & Platform Migration

We provide application modernization & platform migration services by transforming clients legacy applications on the latest (or upcoming) technology stack. Such modernization leads to: Reduced total cost of ownership; Enhanced Application Capabilities; Decommissioning of undesired components; Enhanced Business Value. We have expertise in executing such modernization projects in our global delivery model; hence reducing the turn-around time and lowering the costs and associated risk.

Application Development, Testing

Our Application Development services use effective requirement management processes, creative design techniques, domain/business knowledge, scalable design and high end technological development; while using latest technology trends. We develop custom applications on a variety of platforms as mentioned in our 'Technology Span'.

Application Maintenance (24*7 L1, L2, L3 Support)

Our expertise in Application Maintenance and Support stand us apart from the competition. Our team is very well qualified in maintaining the applications running on production and non-production environments; while using ITIL standards. We are qualified in troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing the applications. Our Services include: 24/7 support model for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & PLM support.

Testing & Test Automation

We provide comprehensive application testing services for a variety of applications like: Web, Mobile, API, 3rd Party Product Implementation, Database/Backend, Security. We offer both Manual and Automation testing with a variety of tools & technologies; focused on 'Continuous Testing' throughout sprints. Our testing practices complement our Global Delivery Model and support all principles of modern software development DevOps, CICD, Agile.


Mobile App Development

We offer complete mobile app development services across multiple-platforms: Android, iOS and cross-platform solutions in Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc. We also develop custom mobile app solutions per client’s business needs. Our technical team have a very rich experience in developing mobile apps that deliver best user experience, while understanding the customer requirements.

Our mobile service includes:


Product Implementation, Upgrade & Support

Our IT services are deeply rooted into the overall Product Lifecycle Management value chain. With our experience, we have built best-practices around every aspect of our offering to reduce Time To Market and associated risks; hence fostering predictable implementation with expected business value. Our Services include:

Our service includes:


We ensure effective implementation of the product based on the agreed client requirements. Blending our global delivery model, project management expertise, experienced team and implementation experience; together drives great value to our customers. Our team combines planning, technology and industry expertise to maximize the return on investment by our clients. During implementation we provide:

  • Project/Program management: As mentioned above.
  • Analysis and Design: Here, we capture client requirements; analyze them with product features; recommendations for business solutions, development on creatives & designs.
  • Software implementation and environment set up: Here, we implement OOB features and develop custom features; per client requirements.
  • We setup Development, Test and Production environments; as desired by the clients.
  • Configuration, development and system testing: We always deploy configurable software, based on the roles defined by our client; which is easily maintainable. Development and system testing is done based on the same roles, privileges and business processes.
  • Standard and custom integrations: We have qualified teams to do various integrations inter systems used in the client environment.
  • These integrations could range from Authentications to SSO; or from Input business systems to the subscribing systems.
  • Deployment and post production support: Post deployment of the product, we provide warranty period and support client systems for Level 1 (Help desk), Level 2 (Incident Support) and Level 3 (Problem & Change Management).

We have an experienced support team; with a wide range of expertise including subject matter experts in specific industry fields to highly-experienced technical engineers. We provide application support in a global delivery model; while following ITIL and ITSM principles.


Based on client needs we provide training on the implemented product both for Administrators and business users.


IT Project/Program Management

Our Project/Program management services offer 360-degree program management focused exclusively on the management dimensions (cost, schedule, risk, and quality). We offer an effective approach to manage all aspects of an IT program by leveraging the advantages of PMI's approach while maintaining alignment with organizational interests.

  • Project/Program Planning, Scheduling & Tracking
  • Cadence Planning & Execution: At the level of Steer Committee, Engagement, Project and Teams.
  • Metrics Implementation, Tracking & Reporting
  • Coordinations & Status Reporting
  • Cost, Schedule, Risk, and Quality Tracking & Reporting

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Services is applicable at all levels of IT: Platform, Infrastructure and Software; which essentially provides information technology (IT) as a service on demand and payment based on usage of the service. Cloud computing services range from full applications and development platforms, to servers, storage, and virtual desktops. Cloud Computing is becoming an increasing trend, as it does not require software and hardware to be funded up front. Common Cloud Computing Services include:

Our mobile service includes:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The software runs on computers owned and managed by the SaaS provider.

Solution Accessibility: Public Internet

Payment Model: Time based subscription

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Features of IT infrastructure (like: compute, storage, networking, security, tools, etc.) are provided by the IaaS provider. Users own and manage operating systems, applications, and information running on the infrastructure

Solution Accessibility: Public Internet, VPN, or dedicated network connection

Payment Model: Pay by usage

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

All software and hardware required to build and operate cloud-based applications are provided by the PaaS provider via public Internet, VPN, or dedicated network connection.

Payment Model: Pay by usage

All 'Cloud Computing' providers for SaaS, IaaS and PaaS provide features like:
  • Virtualization of server and storage
  • Multi-tenancy of resources
  • Internet based Multi channel access
  • On demand & self-provisioning of resources
  • Automatic upscaling & downscaling of resources